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Are You Ready To Go?

That dream trip is finally closer than ever when you choose to have Lucas Travel Source handle your travel plans! You will finally sit back and just enjoy the adventure, rather than stressing about all the details! Why wait?


Schedule your FREE Initial Destination Consultation by clicking here:


Did you know it can take the average person between 30-40 hours of research alone to book a trip online? If you are going to a place you've never been before, it can take even longer! Think about how much money you make per hour and add up what it costs for your time spent researching the vacation. Do you really want to spend 20 hours planning a week-long vacation that might not end up being the experience you were hoping for?

Aside from the time and effort, let's not forget what that time saved also offers you: more opportunity to make memories! When we look back at our lives, will we consider the boat, the car, the gadgets etc. as the things that brought us happiness? No. The best possessions we will treasure will be the memories! We are here to help you make more of THOSE!

After your complimentary Initial Destination Consultation, simply make your initial payment to start making your trip a reality (see Research, Planning & Booking Fees below). Once the fee is paid in full, we will secure and confirm travel arrangements as agreed. This and all service fees are separate from the cost of your trip. You can see our fee structure here:

Service Fee Structure

  • Initial Destination Consultation: $0

  • Research, Planning & Booking Fee, per country: $250

  • Group (6 or more people) Research, Planning & Booking Fee, per country: $350

  • Domestic Air Ticketing Fee, per person: $50

  • International Air Ticketing Fee, per person: $100

  • Frequent Flyer/ Award Booking Fee, per person: $200

  • Car Rental Booking Fee: $50

  • Private Transfer Booking Fee, one-way, per mode of transportation: $30

  • Rebooking/Itinerary Change/Emergency Support Fee per day: $200

  • Trip Cancellation Fee before final balance is paid: 50% of trip deposit, in addition to supplier penalties. 

  • Trip Cancellation Fee after final balance is paid: ​45-30 days prior to departure: 50% of all services penalty, in addition to supplier penalties. Less than 30 days prior to departure: 100% penalty; no refunds will be given. 

  • Additional services not listed above may be available upon request, and any corresponding service fees are subject to type of service and complexity. 

Why choose Lucas Travel Source? 

  • You are getting a one-size-fits-YOU approach (NOT one-size-fits-ALL!), without having to do all the hard work that comes with travel planning!

  • You'll be getting the most out of every day of your trip, because you're doing what YOU want to do! 

  • Recommended destinations just for you

  • Your safety is our priority. Our local guides and drivers prioritize your safety and give you the utmost attention according to your needs.

  • We'll provide you with customized travel insurance quotes for any or all travelers

  • We throughly research your accommodation in advance to make sure you're staying only in hotels with an excellent reputation for hospitality and cleanliness, as well as in prime locations.

  • With over 30 years of international traveling/living experience, we're here to share that experience with you by offering additional tips and advice specific to your trip.

  • Online access to all your booking information, easily upload documents and view travel documents, and much more!

  • Get a Free Packing List customized with items you may need during the time of year that you'll be traveling in your destination

  • We'll advise you about up-to-date travel guidelines, restrictions, and any safety and health protocols for your destination

  • Do you need every moment of your trip planned out? Or prefer a more laid-back, go-with-the-flow, sleep-in approach? Either way, we've got you! 

  • Airport and hotel pick-up and drop-off, personal drivers, local expert guides for private tours, hotel reservations, skip-the-line tours, food tours, hands-on cooking classes, restaurant reservations, car rentals, and so much more can be arranged for you so one moment just flows into the next, making your travel experience worry-free!

  • We'll provide you with the Visa and Passport requirements for your destination

  • If anything happens during your trip, we are there for you to help get it all sorted and get you back to enjoying your trip. We care about you and will make sure you have the attention and care you need, from beginning to end!

  • ...Something else you need? Just ask! This list could go on, but seriously, the point is, we've got your back! We are here for YOU!

Schedule your FREE Initial Destination Consultation now!

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